Mecca is a non- profit organisation that strives for excellence in community building,based on beautiful divine Islamic principles Quran & Sunnah. 

At Mecca Australia we are dedicated to supporting Islamic Education and Community services to deliver advanced education for students 
and the
best possible care for the whole Community.

We are focused on servicing the community locally and internationally,
aiming to improve the quality of education through Prophetic Tarbiyah Model.

We are doing this by engaging the community in motivational 
programs and recreational activities that inspire and empower.

Our History (MECCA Australia)

Madinah Education and Community Care Australia was officially establish in 2012.

Madinah is the city of peace and tranquillity and was chosen by Allah and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him as the central hub of education, teaching and learning.

The people of Madinah were the helpers (Al Ansari) at the time of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and in light of this beautiful history of Madinah Al Munawarrah, MECCA Australia was founded with the aim to continue to serve mankind regardless of colour or creed.


Ustaaz Abu Muhammad Naseem - Founder of Mecca Australia International Speaker, Teacher and  Educator. Ustaaz Naseem was born in Fiji and after finishing High School he was awarded a Scholarship to study in the world’s PrestigiousIslamic University of Madinah. Ustaaz Naseem completed his Diploma in Arabic language and Islamic Sciences and graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah with a BA in Islamic law.

Ustaaz Naseem has taught at numerous schools across Australia, Fiji, Malaysia and New Zealand, He has travelled to several countries around the globe where he has inspired youth and empowered the community through educational talks, workshops and recreational programs.

Ustaaz Naseem has a passion in the fields of Education, Tarbiyah, Community, Youth and Charity work.